Four Ways to Earn an Alternative Sources of Income

In today’s tough economy, more and more people are looking for side jobs and alternative sources of income. A corporate job is no longer safe, as exposed by the recession that hit the United States in 2008. Hence, it’s just a smart, proactive move to find ways to earn a side income while working in a regular 9-5 job. However, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Below are four simple yet effective ways to earn an alternative source of income.

Making Money Online

There are lots of ways to make money online and despite the scepticism that surround the average Internet entrepreneur, it’s really possible to make even a full-time living off the Internet.

The best part of the “make money online” or the MMO industry is that you can turn your hobby into a profitable venture. If you enjoy writing, there are a plethora of writing jobs in freelance websites like and You can also set up your own blog or website and earn through advertising spots on your page. If you have a knack for Photoshop, you can sign up with and offer logo and photo editing services. If you are the type of person who loves creating things like souvenirs or small decorations, will let you open your own art store for your creations.

Reselling Electronics

Another way to make money on the side is to sell electronics and similar types of gadgets through online platforms such as and even social networking sites like and Instagram. Electronics are by far the most common and most sellable item online.

You will probably need a couple hundred dollars (or even a few thousands) to start reselling electronics online. Find a reliable wholesaler of electronics like cellular phones, laptops, tablets and other similar types of gadgets. Make sure you get a good price from your supplier and start marketing your products.

Investing in Tax Liens

Tax liens are attached to real estate properties with outstanding tax obligations. Basically, a tax liens or sometimes a tax deeds investor bids to pay the lien on a property. In exchange, the tax lien holder becomes a de facto creditor of the property owner. It should be noted that a tax lien investor is entitled to earn an interest rate which is 3-36% of the tax lien.

Offering Professional Services

If you are licensed professional, then you’re quite lucky. Offering professional services on a freelance and part-time capacity is very common not just in the US but worldwide. You just need to have the right credentials and licensing.

If you’re a licensed CPA, you can easily find freelance work with small businesses especially during the tax filing season. A licensed financial planner can also earn a side income through consultations and wealth planning/protection. Several other professional services including business consultancy, market research and mentoring/coaching are also in demand in the open market.

For those who are not professionals and don’t have professional licensing, offering other services like tutorials to HS students and music lessons are also good alternative sources of income.

Financial advantage of Corporate Housing in Dallas than Hotel stay

Corporate housing can serve as a valuable solution when it comes to employees moving to other cities for work purposes. Often times, an employee may need to re-locate for temporary period of time. While booking a hotel room may be the option but is rather an uncomfortable and costly one. What other option can be availed? Corporate housing is a worthwhile choice given the situation.

Though these homes are offered for temporary housing, they are still fully equipped and well-appointed to the minute details. Along with the fitted out kitchens and bathrooms and well-furnished living and bed rooms, other amenities such as direct phone lines with free local calls and free internet access are costs that one would definitely otherwise decide on spending a massive amount on. Moving on, the fifteen percent hotel tax does is nonexistent when it comes to stays longer than a month. Even if it does increase to more, you always have the option to choose a customized billing strategy molding it to your convenience.

The area that is provided to you in a city like Dallas through corporate housing tends to be much larger and comfortable when compared to hotels, even the five stars included. Ranging from the full size bedrooms, kitchens with granite tops and all the necessary silverware along with the installed washer and dryers, and even the necessary bed linens are few of the things that you as a busy executive can expect without any additional expenses.

Though you can choose from the various apartment locations, you can be sure that in Dallas you won’t be stranded off a highway or near the airport if you make the right choice of apartments. Moreover, these apartments are available with swimming pools, fitness centers, making your stay even easier by cutting on the effort and money that you would have spent on the stated facilities.  The provisioning of the business center service is also an additional benefit when it comes to conducting your business from your cozy place. This has got to be a major yes-yes when it comes to choosing among the corporate apartments and the hotel stays.

Visit here for Corporate Housing in Dallas

The above state how the corporate houses are an unparalleled option for extended stays. However, other aspects concerning the location also have their benefits. The walkability of your apartment is going to pay you large amounts since you will be able to enjoy the major entertainments of the city within easy distances and not always have to adhere to rentals or take a taxi every time you feel like eating out. The rentals in the new place do add up a lot to your overall cost and would be one great advantage if your workplace is located near the chosen accommodation for you.

It is always a good option to consider whether or not your company’s loyalty program is eligible for the corporate housing scheme that you opt for since many of the hotels rarely permit it. Ensure the best choice for yourself and for your company in terms of financial benefits. Be wise!

Stress free getting out of debt

Stress free getting out of debt


Being in debt is a definition of stress. Any type of debt is capable to bring the worst in anybody and the moment you collect yourself from the shock and try to get out of it, you feel like you swim in quicksand. The easiest thing is to give up. There is a way, if you decide to keep fighting. These are the usual steps about getting out of debt, but you are free to think outside the box.


Stop borrowing


In order to get out of debt, first you have to stop creating new debt. Change your lifestyle immediately and stop spending virtual funds like signing up for credit cards and borrowing money from banks to buy anything you do not have the actual cash to pay for. Focus solely on the debt and start developing game plans.

Emergency Fund

You are running low on available money you can take from the bank. Life is cruel and emergencies do happen. If you don’t have a way to pay it, you will be forced to get in a bigger debt on your credit cards.


Create a strict budget

Creating a budget is practical but it also helps you emotionally and psychologically, because you will feel that you have some kind of control over you finances. You’ll be able to track your income and expenses, which are crucial to getting out of debt and it’s like a compass to you because you’ll always know where you are with your finances. When all the calculations are done, you’ll see whether you have money left over and how can you increase that sum in order to use those funds to pay down your debt.


Try to earn extra cash, by picking up a second job or ask for extra hours at work. Trim your expenses by going over each item on your budget and cut the unnecessary things like membership, eating out at restaurants etc. The more items you trim, the faster the getting out of debt. As hard as it is, you have to stay committed.


Organizing and planning

You have to get very organized to create and realize the best plan that suits your needs in order to pay off your debt. Create your own list of different kinds of debts, starting from the smallest to largest, no matter the interest rate. The satisfaction of paying off your first debt on the list will give you the strength to carry on to the bigger ones. A belief that paying out your debt is possible is your strongest ally and a powerful weapon against quitting.


Another method you can try is the method of laddering. What you do is make a list of your debts, starting with those with highest interest rate. That way you’ll save more money on interest. Do some thinking before you decide on which process to choose, but once you choose make sure you stick with it.



No debt lasts forever if you stick to your financial game plan.

Why You Should Be Using A CCTV System To Protect Your Business

CCTV systems can be much more helpful to your business than one generally perceives. Here’s a few examples that should get you thinking how a  CCTV system could aid to secure your company.

Smart business managers and also proprietors engage the concept of setting up a CCTV system on their facilities. Financial stresses concerning the advantages and also expenses, are generally debated in too many meetings before the inevitable happens. Your offices get broke into, or fraud is discovered in the office by trusted employees, only it could have been stopped a long time ago.

Preventive Medicine

They will not put to bed all criminal activity, but quite rightly as research shows if you display a noticeable CCTV system, it acts as a preventive to prospective wrongdoers. It’s much much less dangerous to take from a store with no CCTV compared to from one that quite clearly displays its system in  plain view, and also with the aid of warning labels. The existence of a video camera at the entry or exterior of shops and offices and also monitoring vital locations like retail sales flooring or an IT systems hub, or a factory floor, monitored CCTV can make the distinction between your company being targeted as well as internal crime being prevented. If you have expensive computers, expensive products thet you manufacture, CCTV systems are vital.

Law & Order

Depending on the kind of system you set up, CCTV has the possibility to both deter a criminal offense just before it happens as well as to supply the authorities with important pictures that could assist them to apprehend a suspect. With remote monitored systems, where the footage is fed from the cam to a real-time display screen, your security personnel can view exactly what’s taking place at the facilities at all times. They don’t even need to be on site with todays internet connected systems. You can read all about these online cctv systems at

Peace Of Mind

For anybody operating in, purchasing or setting up a new company properties, the understanding that there is a functioning CCTV system in position brings comfort. Staff members will understand that you are worried for their security, but also site visitors and clients can appreciate that you are taking preventive measures to protect your company and their interests. Whilst not everybody likes the visibility of CCTV electronic cameras in public locations, many people would certainly say that such systems make them really feel more secure in the event of public unrest, or to secure convictions after they have been subject to a violent assault.

How To Claim Tax Back

Taxpayers can frequently get a refund on their earnings tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that they paid, plus the refundable tax credits that they claim, it’s what they call claim tax back in Australia.

When you work and live in Australia you will be taxed, anywhere between 13-32.5% which depends on the type of work you do and how long you have been in the country and the type of job you do.

claim tax back in Australia

When you get salaried, your employer deducts tax from your earnings income each week. Your company forwards that deduction to the Australian Tax Office and you claim your tax back from the ATO at the end of the financial year (June 30th), or before you leave the country (whichever happens first).

How to claim tax back in Australia

There are three options to claim your tax back in Australia which are:

1. Using ATO’s E-tax software

E-tax is a secure and free service which is provided by Australian Tax Office so that you can lodge and prepare individual tax return online. E-tax provides the following benefits:

· cost-free preparation of your tax return and lodgment

· Safe process and secure service.

· It is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

· Saves time because you only answer questions relevant to you.

· Issuing of most refunds between twelve business days.

2. Lodging by mail

You can lodge your returns by mail by using the Individual tax return directions. Issuing of Most refunds is within six weeks from the lodgment day. The person tax return instructions enclose two tax return forms and a set of directives that explain how to fill up your tax return, part by part.

3. Using tax agent services

This involves the use of Tax agents. Tax agents provide advice about obligations, liabilities or entitlements of entities under a taxation law.

Below is how to claim your Tax back in Australia with Get Tax Back Australia.

Get Tax Back Australia

Get Tax Back Australia provides convenient online service with qualified tax advisers capable to respond to any questions any individual may have about being paid back taxes back in Australia. Tax refunds are prepared by qualified tax agents, who ensure that all work-related exemptions and operating expense are included in tax returns for greatest refund. Additionally, we keep all our clients up to date on their tax refund process, so that they know the day they will get their refunds and the exact amount they should expect.

How Tax Back Australia Claim your Tax Back

To claim your Tax back, we organize and lodge a tax return with the Australian Tax Office, showing the amount you have earned and paid in tax that financial year that is from July 1st to June 30th. This information is gotten your PAYG (pay as you go) or from your final pay slip disbursement summary from your employer. The Australia Tax Office uses this information to compute your refund, and issues the repayment to our account in your name. The Tax back Australia then transfers that money to your designated Australian or overseas bank account.

What Tax back Australia offer:

· Fee deducted from your return no upfront cost

· Your refunds back in your hands between 7-10 days

· Lodgment of returns within the same day of application

· Excellent customer care

· Low flat fee without any percentage charges

· Fees free bank transfers

How to get in touch with Tax back Australia

Situated at Bondi Junction, Sydney office and there is no appointment necessary.

Freephone call at 1800 121 550 or you can contact online.

How Strong Is The Power Of Habits When It Comes To Quitting Smoking and Financial Literacy?

Did you know that you can use the power of habits to not only quit smoking but get rich too. Yes, there are many studies that are being done right now that show by implementing simple habits like doing push ups can help you save thousands of dollars a year.

We are going to take a look at the power of habits and why so many of them are so hard to break. We will then take one habit which can be fatal and see what you can do to change your habit of smoking.

Old sayings, valid meanings

Old habits die hard” and “It’s a hard habit to break” both spring to mind when you are thinking about habits, and how valid they are. A habit is a routine, or something you do regularly. Quite often you do it without even thinking, and while it may be difficult to break a long standing habit you should also remember that you can create a new habit which is a positive one.

The old habit will not disappear, but it will be tucked away so you should not have to worry about it resurfacing.

Smoking is a very bad habit!

There are some habits which may annoy you or others – such as nail biting or twisting your hair, however, these are not potentially life threatening as is the case with smoking.

Indeed, whether you care to admit it or not; smoking is an addiction and the quicker you accept this the more likely you are to do something about it.

Do many people smoke?

The figure may astound you. Globally it is estimated that 1 billion people smoke with around 25 pct of these being women. This should tell you it is a massive problem and that nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs there is.

“Leave me alone – I will smoke if I want to”

You may well have said this if you are a smoker, heard it if you live with one, or have tried to tell friends who smoke what damage they are doing to themselves. The fact is that those who say this are 100% correct.

It is their right to smoke and inhale around 4,000 chemicals EACH cigarette with 40-60 of these being known carcinogens that can cause cancer.

It is also their right to increase the possibility of becoming a diabetic or having serious lung and cardiovascular problems, or being one of more than 5 million people a year who die due to factors related to tobacco smoking.

More Americans than ever before are kicking their habit, and the tobacco companies are reducing the amount of tar in cigarettes, and yet smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death.

Steps to stop smoking

The first basic principle of your nicotine habit is that you must want to give up. Don’t waste your own time if there is not full 100 pct commitment. If you need spurring on a little please take a look at some of the adverts on the internet at the fairly graphic, but real images of people dying from tobacco related disease. Not pretty or pleasant, and if that does not persuade you then very little will.

It is NOT going to be easy!

The power of habits is particularly strong when linked with smoking. Your body and mind is addicted to a very powerful drug. This means you need to be clear in your mind that it will be a struggle.

That struggle will be at its peak during the first 72 hours and the first two to four weeks will test you at every turn, but the positive news is that you can get the toxins out of your body and things will get easier on a day to day basis.

Cravings and triggers

About a 7-10 days before you stop smoking create a diary of every cigarette you smoke during this period and note the time of day, where you are, and whether you are smoking because you are really craving for a cigarette or whether it is just habit.

You will fairly quickly get a picture of what triggers your mind to light up. Common situations are just after a meal, when you are drinking alcohol, or when you are with friends who smoke. Once you understand these ‘trigger situations’ then you need to be particularly on your guard during these times and do something other than dwelling on how much you need a cigarette.

Get rid of every single cigarette

Don’t keep an emergency pack ‘just in case’. If you do you are tempting fate, and fate will generally come up trumps. Get all tobacco products out of the house, out of the car, and out of the garden shed if you have one! You may need to cut back on the alcohol if that is a major trigger, and change your first month’s routine in terms of meeting up with friends who smoke. Find a quit buddy

If you do have a friend or friends who are looking to quit smoking then consider doing it together. This can help in terms of moral support when you or they are weakening. You will be stronger at separate times so this could work to both your advantage.

Keep yourself occupied

These craving periods only last for around 3 minutes, but those 3 minutes can seem like a lifetime if you are just sitting waiting for one to pass. Get yourself interested in something. Reading can help greatly, exercise is another option, and if things seem to be getting on top of you get up and go for a brisk walk.

Stay Positive

It is important that you stay positive and go for results on a day to day basis. One day down is one more victory, and while we would all like to quit first time round, and that should be your target from the outset DO NOT beat yourself up, or treat yourself as a failure if you relapse.

Turn such a relapse into a positive by looking back at what you could have done in a better way, and plan for your next attempt.

If at first you don’t succeed

We mentioned an old saying at the beginning. Well, stick with another one until you overcome your nicotine addiction. The power of habits has everything to do with you and smoking, so counter that with your mantra of; if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!